Friday, August 24, 2012

Pre-Loss Condition is the Number One Cause For Dispute

Tropical Storm Issac could make landfall in South Florida in a few days as a category 1 hurricane. While it will probably not be a Katrina we are reminded to be prepared. As you are digging up your shutters from under the piles of junk in the garage and stockpiling supplies don't forget to protect yourself in case you need your insurance coverage.

1. Find your policy and make sure its in effect.

2. Program into your phone or email yourself the policy number and claims phone number.

3. Documenting the condition of your house is critical Pre-loss condition is the number one cause for dispute between insurance companies and property owners following a loss.
Documenting what you have and what condition its in before the loss is more important then after! Please take the time to photograph or video tape your property before the storm. Use video or photo to take pictures of all the surfaces in your home including walls floors and ceilings, do the same for contents. Take pictures of the exterior of your home and roof, doors windows and any special features. Lastly, scan all documents you have from recent renovations or purchases. Take the video, pictures and files and store them on the web. You can email them to yourself or use free cloud services such as Dropbox or similar.

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